10 Essential Bathroom Remodeling Tips


Remodelling a home is both a rewarding process and stressful one. At times it can test our will and patience and you’ll have to be good at decision-making. Especially if you plan on doing a shower remodel davenport ia, you’ll be faced with numerous possibilities and options and you’ll have to make quick decisions. But, if you don’t know how to approach this project, will give you valuable pointers so you’ll know how to start.

The budget

Remodelling a bathroom can be more expensive than you might think initially. If you don’t set a budget, there’s a big chance that you’ll make a series of decisions that are worth an additional $300 per item. When you combine the worth of these small decisions, you can break your budget by $3000 dollars in the blink of an eye. Do your research, and learn about the price range so you’ll know how to fit each purchase within the existing budget.


Next, you have to define the style you wish to recreate. Will it be a standard bathroom that contains a toilet, sink, bath or shower or both? You can also go for a half bath which contains only the sink and the toilet. Bathroom style depends on your needs and the space available to complete such a project. Choose your style wisely.

The layout

Since bathrooms are quite limited in size and there are so many things you must install, define the layout carefully. This means defining the position of every fixture and bathroom element. You can even consider keeping the existing layout but changing everything to achieve the style that you want.

Bathtub or a shower?

This question is always the start of a debate. Yes, bathtubs are great, because you can take a shower and run a bath and drown your worries away in a bubble bath. But, when was the last time you did that? So, be honest and make the most practical decision. If the shower is the best decision, go for it. If, there’s room for a bathtub, go for it. But, think about this decision carefully.

Bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting is often the last thing people think about. However, it’s as important as everything else. Aim for the lighting solution that helps create natural lighting. Install both overhead lighting and vanity mirror lighting so you’ll have the right amount of light.


You have to have the right type of ventilation in your bathroom, so don’t overlook this during your remodelling project. Aim to have a natural source of ventilation, like the window. Also, install a quality exhaust fan to reduce the humidity and remove odours.


Bathroom accessories create a luxe feel and also make your life a lot easier. You can get a foam soap dispenser, a hand dryer, a smart toilet seat and other accessories that probably weren’t even popular when you first bought your place. Now’s your chance to upgrade your bathroom with accessories to create luxurious vibes.


You’ll need more storage than you initially might think, so make smart decisions during your remodelling process. Add bathroom cabinets, and hang wall shelving options to maximise the space and use it to store towels. Anyway, storage should be your first thought not just an afterthought.

Add a touch of luxury

Even the smallest of touches can add an extra layer of luxury. Think in terms of luxury bathroom fixtures like chrome faucets or matte black hardware elements. You can also go for a heated floor option and always step out on a warm surface upon taking a bath or a shower.

Think long term

Remodelling a bathroom with the help of a bathroom remodeling contractor staten island ny is a strenuous process that will take a while and it should last for a long time. So, always think long-term before you make a final decision. Is that material durable enough? Will it be easy to maintain and keep stain-free? Choose materials and elements that can be easily maintained, and that can withstand water, temperature and chemicals. Take all these into account and also choose the most attractive and budget-friendly option.

Lastly, make sure to think about accessibility now, when you least need it because this might be the only time to make it possible. This can save you money later on if you include features that will be of use later on in life.