Choosing the best Movers You can Hope for in Every Way

Don’t make your decision based solely on price. If you find a company with a good reputation that has a value above that practiced by others, try to negotiate and get discounts before discarding it.

When requesting quotes, remember to ensure that they are detailed. They must specify fees, material costs, extra expenses or insurance. Each service to be provided must be clearly described.

Know the procedures in case of damage or loss

Talk to the company about the procedures adopted in case of damage or loss in the move. As careful as the contracted company is, accidents can happen and the client’s role is to know their rights. Make sure that all boxes will be marked, indicating fragile items or care in storage.

Take the opportunity to make a list of what will be transported recording faults of each item and ask the company to inspect and sign, according to the state of the furniture. This way, it will be easier to request reimbursement for any damages during transport.

Make sure the company provides a contract, invoice and payment vouchers

Once the movers company has been defined, demand a contract that records all the details combined in the budget stage. Description of the contracted services, respective values, payment terms and execution time must be clearly stated. The moving company must also issue invoices and receipts for payments, so be aware.Know what you should evaluate when choosing a reputable moving company and what services it needs to offer

Moving house or changing office address is not a very easy task to lead. Many people work outside the home, have children to care for and live in external meetings, which ends up leaving little room to take care of a change.

For this reason, when choosing a reputable moving company it is important to know all the services it offers and to assess whether they are viable for your current situation or not.

Understand what basic services a moving company should offer and how to evaluate them better before hiring them:

Packaging and packing:

It is extremely important that all belongings during a move are properly packed and packaged. In the case of appliances and fragile objects it is important to reinforce the packaging with bubble wrap, Styrofoam, etc., all so that they do not collide with each other during transport and end up being damaged. In the case of fragile objects, a box with divisions is also a great solution if it is combined with protective papers and bubble wrap.

Quality transport:

The transport of your belongings must be well thought out by the hired removal company. If your move is big and very difficult you will need a big truck to do it. The same is true if your move is too small and easy, where a small truck is enough to transport your belongings. If you have more than one car or motorcycle, you should also pay attention to whether they can be transported with your other belongings or not. The services offer these and other services combined with small, medium and large heavy trucks.