Determine the Height of Chandelier Before Installing in Any Room


Chandelier means expensive and elegant crystal lighting hanging in a beautiful home. Chandelier lights have been around the world for centuries. A room with a chandelier is always impressive and overshadows all unnecessary items which can deteriorate the value of your house. When anyone walks into the room their eyes immediately go up to the ceiling to take a glimpse of that beautiful chandelier.  

Sofary provides the best modern light fixtures and chandeliers in the USA. They are located in Seattle, Washington, and are partnered with the best designers and manufacturers. By dealing with Sofary, you get to deal with the manufacturer and designers directly and save money by eliminating middlemen. Upon exploring their website, you can also learn the correct method to hang a crystal chandelier in any room. 

Hanging Proper Chandelier into the Room

Whether it is the dining room, living area, foyer, kitchen, or bedroom, all rooms are of different shapes and sizes. Each room has a different purpose. It is wise to install lights according to the room’s requirements. Often, we end up buying the wrong type and size of light, which is either dim or too bright. 

We have some useful tips for first-time chandelier buyers to get appropriate lights for their desired room –

  • The height of the chandelier from the floor should be 7.5 feet to avoid heads hitting on it. 
  • If you are placing a chandelier in the dining room ensure that the length and width of the chandelier is half of the diameter of the dining table. 
  • While hanging a chandelier in a dining room, the distance between the tabletop and the chandelier should be 30- 36 inches.
  • A chandelier should be placed at the center of the dining room above the dining table to provide light in proper proportion. 
  • Avoid high wattage bulb that emits too much heat which can be uncomfortable for people sitting in an enclosed space. 
  • Add shades auto controller to control the light of the bulbs and set a more pleasant mood. 
  • Hang in a huge chandelier in a single foyer area and not between a double-story entryway.  
  • In the foyer area hang the chandelier high enough to provide proper light to side passages that help in avoiding accidents. 
  • The kitchen requires proper lighting so the chandelier should not be installed too high. The distance between the countertop and chandelier should not be more than 30-34 inches. 
  • If the size of the room is larger, then try installing two chandeliers, and if the size is smaller, then install one chandelier. 

To make a home of your dream you need to control the inside look of the house. The best way to do this is by controlling the kind of fixture that is installed inside. Walls, ceilings, and floors are part of the project that cannot be changed, but installing appropriate chandelier lights and other fixtures can change the overall look of the house. Finding the right kind of light fixtures is not a problem because now the market is full of a wide array of design and style.