How A Garden Can Boost Your Property Value?


Out of all the household upgrades that you can make, there’s an estimate that garden landscaping provides you with the biggest ROI out there. Namely, garden landscaping can increase the value of property by 77%, when done properly. The cost-efficiency of this investment is quite significant, as well. When you compare it to the home gym, you will quickly notice that the cost of making a garden is less than one-third of the cost it would take you to make a home gym. On top of that, it gives you almost twice the ROI. Here’s how and why a garden boost can increase your property value.

1.      A good first impression

When looking for a place to settle in, your investors are likely to want to inspect the place. This means that they’ll walk around the area and form their first impression based on this. A skilled real estate agent can lead them through the house and straight into your garden. Here, they can envision themselves making a barbecue with their friends and family, tanning or roasting marshmallows in the evening. Every real estate agent is selling an idea and this is one of the simplest ways to enhance the immersion. Speaking of which…

2.      Selling a lifestyle

A buyer looking for a home will be interested in the potential behind the place, as well. A nice outdoor area can help sell this. If your garden offers privacy and your buyer prefers to spend their time outdoor, you’re already halfway there. In order to achieve this level of privacy, you should provide some cover, either by planting a hedge or by erecting a fence. If you have neighbors with a balcony facing your backyard, hanging a shade sail or making a pergola might be paramount. In order to provide additional protection for your backyard, you could always erect a fence.

3.      Alternative living room

Spending time outdoors during summer can be quite a compelling idea. Moreover, an average human body produces heat that is the equivalent of that produced by a 100 W incandescent light bulb. This means that greeting guests outdoor (and spending time there, in general) can help reduce the power bill, as well. Keep in mind that eco-friendliness and power-efficiency are two major issues when it comes to house-hunting in the early 2020s. So, an alternative ‘green’ living room can be quite a selling point.

4.      Great irrigation system

When they decide to buy the place, a lot of people will ask themselves – how much upkeep and active maintenance does this place require? This is why automation of tasks always comes with a huge value increase. In your garden, this can be achieved through a great irrigation system. According to experts behind Hoselink US, owning a shed or a safe storage box with all the necessary gardening equipment can also be a boost. This saves the potential buyer a need to invest money in getting them. Most importantly, it is something that you (or your real estate agent) can easily show the buyer when they come to see the place.

5.      Outdoor illumination

The matter of outdoor illumination prolongs the time during which you can use your garden each day. It unlocks the option of enjoying some nightly gatherings with your friends and family members, which can be quite compelling. Remember what we’ve mentioned earlier – you’re selling an idea and this will make an immersion a lot easier. For those who make the extra effort to add a fireplace or a fire pit to the area, the situation will appear even more compelling. All in all, outdoor illumination should be fairly high on the priority list for anyone serious about boosting the resale value (and value in general) of their property.

6.      Indicator of proper upkeep

A well-maintained outdoor landscape is an indicator that the entire home has been properly taken care of in the years past. Why? Well, because trees need pruning, grass needs mowing and if you have flower beds around, this indicates that you’ve been quite active here, in the past. So, the only logical conclusion that your audience will make based on this (sometimes even subconsciously), is that you’ve been taking care of the rest of the household just as efficiently. Keep in mind that an average buyer may not be skilled enough to inspect the home for plumbing and electrical problems. A well-maintained garden, nonetheless, is something that they’ll be able to notice.

7.      Increasing curb appeal

Great landscaping efforts will make the front side of your home much more presentable. This increase in curb appeal is one of the best ways to enhance the first impression of your home. This will also help drive more attention towards the rest of your home. In order to get the most out of this, you don’t even need to do a paint job or to render/clad your façade. Washing it with a pressure washer can do the trick.

8.      A tiny playground

If the buyer has children, chances are that they’ll be quite impressed by your backyard playground. This is a relatively cheap and simple addition to construct and it gives them a place where their kids can safely play outdoors. You don’t have to go as far as to make a proper treehouse. A sandbox, a slide, a seesaw and a swing will do. While this may sound like a lot of effort, the majority of these playground equipment elements are relatively inexpensive and simple even for DIY installation.

9.      Water feature

Previously, we’ve talked about irrigation but you may also want to add a body of water to your backyard. Other than enhancing the aesthetics of the area, this will make the place a bit cooler and fresher. During hot summer days, this can make a huge difference. You have so many options here. The most inexpensive one is to make a small Get Wet Ponds. However, in order to keep it aesthetic, you need to clean it regularly. If you have a tad bigger budget, you can consider a fountain or a waterfall. Lastly, those willing to go above and beyond can improve their backyard by building a pool (and a deck surrounding it).

10. Paving a path

During the rainy part of the year, it will be substantially harder to traverse your backyard. In order to fix this problem, you may decide to pave a path. Here, you have a myriad of options when it comes to materials and aesthetics. The cheapest option is to use pea pebbles for around $6 per square foot. You can also go for brick or concrete pavers for $14-20 per square foot. This is a bit more expensive option but more efficient and even more aesthetic. The most expensive option is going for stone pavers (this can cost well over $20 per square foot). It is always best seek advice from your local paving company. They can help you select the most suitable paver for your property and your requirements.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, garden improvements enhance the functionality of your property, as well as its aesthetics. When buying a house, people often start with some pre-set criteria. However, there are some criteria that they aren’t even aware are relevant until they see them in person. A nice garden checks both of these boxes on their requirement checklist. This way, a boost in your property value is assured with every garden improvement.