How You Can Effectively Improve Your Bachelor’s Pad


You have been working hard. And you do not mind hustling. As a result, life has rewarded you with the most beautiful things. Your bachelor’s pad, for instance. Truly, it’s a privilege. Not everyone can boast of having their own space, especially in this economy. But you do because you’ve made it. 

Now it’s time to take your bachelor’s pad to an even greater height. And by greater height, we do not mean transferring from the third floor of your condo to the floor three staircases below the penthouse. What we mean is updating your pad with bachelor essentials. Things that will make you even more eligible, such as the following.

Level up your audio game

We assume you have a premium Spotify account and maybe a Netflix account. Those premium accounts will go to waste if your audio game’s not on point. So make sure your penthouse has got that surround sound going. 

After all, you want to be able to listen to your favorite Post Malone or the arguments between your Too Hot to Handle idols without interruptions, regardless of where you are in your bachelor’s pad. 

Have a hot tub

You hustle from nine to five, Mondays till Fridays. At the end of the workweek, you want to relax. If you recently got a bullfrog spa from a dealer, there’s nothing more relaxing than a dip in it. If you have a romantic interest with you, blowing bubbles on your face, the better.

Complete the picture with a bottle of champagne. And some strategic flexing as if there are cameras around. Imagine yourself as a cast of Too Hot to Handle. Your imagination will take you places so let it run wild. 

Get lit

It’s high time you ditch those traditional lighting fixtures your parents have where you grew up. You’ve made it far from your hometown. You’ve got the city lights surrounding you. Your bachelor’s pad should be well-lit too. 

Get lit with accent lights. Plus, mood lights. Boost your pad’s aesthetics with pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. Purchase a floor lamp that doubles as an art piece. Explain what it’s about to the first guest who sees it as if you minored in Art History and majored in Philosophy, flunking both, so you shifted to a business track instead.

Build an enviable bar

No bachelor’s pad is complete without a bar. And you can’t just have some run-of-the-mill bar. Your bar should be bespoke. Something your friends will envy and your romantic interests will find promising. 

Your bar should have the essentials. Start with a couple of bottles of Henessy. Get some craft beers too. Plus, ingredients for making a martini. Ideally, your bar magically makes ice cubes. And you do not explain how it happens to your guests. Be mysterious.

When everyone’s already too drunk, begin sharing your childhood traumas. Explain how your penchant for accumulating money is triggered by the fact that you received no love from your first caretakers. At least, that’s according to your therapist, who’s paid heftily for their reassuring nods interrupted by flashes of underwhelming insights.

Create a man cave within your man cave

Your bachelor’s pad is basically a man cave. But you must be like Shrek, with layers. So, create a man cave within your man cave.

Your inner man cave is like your cocoon. That’s where you have your supply of favorite candies, computer games, and whatnot. You do not invite anyone into your inner man cave unless they guess the password. There’s no password.

Get smart

Get a smart home system for your bachelor’s pad. That means having a central control to do whatever you’re in the mood for. If you want to get your bathtub to a specific temperature, all you need to do is say something to Alexa or whoever’s your preferred smart assistant. 


Your bachelor’s pad speaks of the successes and triumphs that life has bestowed upon you because you’re something quite special. So make sure the space mirrors your brand of special. Start with the recommendations cited above but do not limit yourself to those. You deserve more, and you can always have more.

Work harder, and in no time, you’ll be ready to elevate your bachelor’s pad further. Who knows, maybe a penthouse is in the offing for you. From up there, you can look down the ground and see the difference. From up there, you’ll be unreachable, and there’s so much space at your disposal should you decide to fly.