The DIY Challenge: To Do or Not to Do

Harvard published a study last October about the rise of DIY projects. Their conclusion was not surprising because people had so much time in their hands.

You can try your hands on some of these jobs. But some things have to be left at the hands of professionals. It will turn out to be an economically sound idea once you see the results.

It might be hard to believe. But once the renovation or restoration dust settles, you will understand what we mean. Let’s dig a little closer on the factors why it is still wise to hire a specialist.

Health Risk

Doing some minor repair or cleaning jobs will do you good. It keeps your mind preoccupied. Thus, it staves off cabin fever. But you have to determine the risk levels of engaging in such a project.

For example, you decide to clean your air conditioning ducts by yourself. This cleaning job appears to be straightforward. But you have to consider some basics such as dust and airborne pollutants often settle in your ventilation system. They will remain there unless they are disturbed.

Employing the help of professional duct-cleaning services will ensure that the airborne molecules will not contaminate your air.  Insisting on doing the job yourself may lead to health complications. Why don’t you leave it in the capable hands of the specialists?

Tight Schedule

People have confessed that the sudden shift from having a physical office to working remotely made it hard to separate work from personal life. Engaging in a DIY project will add to your stress.

Let us say that you are willing to overlook some discomfort because you want to save some money. It sounds like a good idea. But you must consider that you are doing other tasks.

This may mean that you may have to push back on your established deadline. You may have to sacrifice some quality time to complete the job at hand.

On the other hand, hiring a contractor would make sure that they will meet the deadline. It is more profitable for them to be on schedule than behind their designated timeline.

Expensive Complications

According to HGTV, you can save money by doing the demolition work yourself. But one false move may lead to costly complications.

Let us take a home renovation as an example. You want to update your kitchen by turning it into an open floor plan. You would need to remove some walls because of this project.

The removal of walls can be a very tricky business. You must carefully identify if the walls are load-bearing or not. Accidentally demolishing a load-bearing wall will weaken your house. There is also the possibility that the ceiling being supported by the wall will collapse.

Asking for professional help will prevent such an incident from happening. Before the work starts, you can ask their advice on what layout will work best for your kitchen.

If the possibility of saving money is still tempting, you must consider that you would have to spend far more on repair if you accidentally demolished a load-bearing wall. Then there is also the likelihood that you or your loved ones will get hurt because of such an accident.

Tools and Tricks of the Trade

You were likely tempted to do the DIY project because you can forego labor costs. You need to purchase the equipment, which you can use in the future. Again, some jobs have to be left to professionals.

Another example of a project that should be left to the hands of professionals is tree trimming. An arborist knows how to do the job correctly. They also have the proper tools.

It will take more than a chainsaw to do this job. Haphazardly cutting a branch might lead to accidents because the branch might fall on an unsuspecting person or your house.

On the other hand, a professional arborist knows how to cut the branch. This knowledge will prevent the damage illustrated above. It will also prevent from hurting the tree.

DIY projects can be good for your soul. It gives you a mental break from the hubbub of your daily chores. It is also productive offline work. By doing the job yourself, you also save money.

If the job pertains to rearranging your furniture, then go ahead and do it. But a project that involves the demolition of walls is another thing altogether. Unless you are a general contractor yourself, you should stay away from such a task.

If you are thinking of repainting your walls, you can push through with your plans. But if you are thinking of fixing your roof, you better call on the experts.





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