Simple ways to enjoy your home more


Life’s made out of simple pleasures. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those self-help tutorials, but it kind of begins like one, doesn’t it? Anyway, sometimes the best feeling in the whole wide world is coming home from a long day at work. What about staying in on a Sunday, watching your favorite TV show on the living-room sofa, cuddled next to the person you love? Your home is your sanctuary. As if you already didn’t know that one, huh? If your house or apartment, for some reason, doesn’t feel like a home, there are ways you can make it more enjoyable and home-ish (was that a real word?). In the article below, we’re glad to show you some simple ways to enjoy your home more. Stay tuned.

A new paint job can produce miracles

Do you have a feeling something’s a bit odd about your living space? You’ve given it a thought, but you still can’t put your finger on it. Maybe it’s the color of your walls? By repainting your apartment or a house, you’ll create a whole new atmosphere. Maybe right now is the perfect timing for a new paint job. Pick a color to your liking, and get to work. Colors provoke much, much more than we can imagine. It’s like looking at a Rothko painting. You don’t know what it is, but you know it’s definitely there.

A new paint job might just be the makeover your home deserves. Give it a shot!

A couple painting the walls.

Freshen up your living room walls with some artwork

Sometimes the place where the magic happens isn’t the bedroom (or, in case there’s a stupid joke nearby, the bathroom), it’s the living room. The way you organize it gives a certain notion of who you are. By hanging a few pictures (or paintings) that provoke and inspire you to think of a happy place, on your living room walls, you’re bound to make that space more personal and home-ish (it’s the last time, we promise). You’re absolutely free to create the living room you will enjoy, and there’s no reason not to try different approaches. We mentioned hanging some artwork, but you can also rearrange the furniture or introduce a minimalist concept (more about that below) to your living quarters. Anyway, don’t be afraid to try out something new. It’s exactly the hit-and-miss modus operandi that will eventually provide you with a more enjoyable home.

Got minimalism?

Please excuse the title. Anyway, you might be wondering what it is about minimalist space philosophy that makes it so attractive to some folks? In our contemporary consumer society, people tend to have too many things they don’t use, stored somewhere in their homes. Sometimes it can lead to a total mess. To prevent that kind of scenario from happening, it might be best to focus on the objects in our homes you really like and care for. Other ones, that the years have proved unusable and unpractical, you can get rid of. Of course, that doesn’t automatically mean you should throw them away. Just because you don’t see some of the items in your home, it shouldn’t mean they don’t deserve a second chance somewhere else. We’ll show you what you can do. Even if you don’t want to embrace the minimalist lifestyle, it’s good to downsize every now and then.

Organize a good old yard sale

Instead of throwing away all the things you don’t want lying around your home wasting space, it’s best you first try to sell them. If you have the opportunity, organize a good old yard sale on your front lawn. If you live in an apartment, you can put some of the stuff on the web. Maybe an online yard sale will do the trick. Also, see if any of your friends like some of the items and if some of them do – be a good sport and give them away.

A snapshot of a yard sale. One of the simple ways to enjoy your home more is to downsize. You can do that by organizing a yard sale.

Organize a good old yard sale and try to sell some of the things you don’t see as a part of your home anymore.

Self-storage solution

If you don’t have the heart to let some of your items find their own way (to a new home, or, unfortunately, the dump), you can always rent out a storage unit and fill it up with all the things you’ve decided to keep out of your home. Just make sure you keep it organized, as you want to have a clear picture of what you’ve stored there. Sometimes this is the best solution. Who knows? One day you might find that old sofa you’ve put in the storage beautiful again. Or you find that the living room isn’t the same without your grandma’s heirloom wooden chair.

Two rows of storage units.

By renting out a storage unit, you’ll be able to hold on to some of the stuff you want out of your home. You might put them to good use sometime in the future.

Green rests the eyes

Do you sometimes feel your home will be somehow more complete if you were to put a few potted plants here and there? Well, it’s time to act on it. You probably know it already, but the green color rests the eyes. A little botanical garden inside your living space is something that can light up your place the way you’d never imagine it would. There’s no reason not to try it out. If you think you’re too lazy to water your plants on an everyday basis, you can find those (cacti, for example) that don’t need too much care.

Simple ways to enjoy your home more – a conclusion

So, there you have it. We’ve shown you some simple ways to enjoy your home more. Hopefully, by doing some of the things we’ve mentioned in the article above, your home will finally become a home, the place you should feel the most relaxed and carefree. Let’s mention a few of those things again. Firstly, how about you give your place a new paint job? What about hanging some cool artwork on your living room walls? Also, feel free to try minimalism as a concept of space arrangement in your home. Keeping a clutter-free home should be your priority. Plants are a nice addition, too. All in all: we’re sure you’ll have a blast redesigning your living quarters.