Unexpected places to discover Bed Bugs


Where will you look for bed bug extermination rochester ny if you suspect any? Of course, as the name suggests you would try to look for them under your mattress and in the area surrounding your bed. But unfortunately, these little vampires hide in many unusual places.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that bed bugs are growing at an alarming rate. It can be because of the increased worldwide travel, lack of proper pest control in place or the lack of general knowledge about bed bugs amongst people. Bed bugs bite on any exposed region of your body and feed on your blood when you sleep. It sounds scary yet true. The bites are painless and resemble that of a mosquito bite. The only way to differentiate them is when you confirm the presence of bed bugs in your home. Therefore, you must be aware of the unusual places where bed bugs can be hiding in your house. We have listed four such bed bug hiding places.

Purse and Suitcase

The primary mode of travel for bed bugs from one place to another is via your purse, wallet and suitcase. These pests can live without blood for months. Once you step inside your home and keep your luggage on the bed, floor or the couch, they hop out and find their new home. They hide inside the seams and pockets of your purses. Bed bugs are attracted towards dirty clothes and can easily land on your suitcase. Always keep your purses, bags, wallets and briefcases locked. Do not keep them on your bed or the floor before thoroughly inspecting them for bed bugs.

Alarm Clocks

The best place to hide is in the alarm clock. It stays right near your bed, and you will reach out to it daily. The inside of these clocks is mostly hollow, which gives them ample space to reside. They are not bothered by the alarm rings. So, you may not realise that when you are about to snooze the alarm, you are calling for danger. Clean your clocks, check them regularly for bugs and try to keep the alarm-clocks at a fair distance from the bed.

Picture Frame

These bed bugs come alive at night. During the day time, they need space to hide. If they cannot find any place on the ground, they will start climbing the walls. What better place than the darkness behind picture frames. If you have photo frames hanging from the walls, you must clean them regularly.


People tend to keep their laundry bags in their bedrooms. Interestingly bed bugs do not love dirt. They can easily stay inside your fresh clothes as well. Be it your clean clothes or the dirty one in the laundry bag; they remain in your bedroom. This fact gives them a golden opportunity to hide during the daytime and come out at night. Ensure that you clean your clothes regularly and check each piece before using.